Limiting Frustration…

At one time or another, all of us experience frustration. There are times when the frustration level will be greater than other times. It would safe to assume that all of us desire to limit the level of frustration to a minimum.

The challenge in leadership, however, is learning how to limit our frustrations and capitalize on those moments for greater success. Here are a few suggestions:

1) Praying for help is not just a cliché. We would benefit from talking to God specifically about those areas that frustrate us.

2) Learn to accept frustration as part of life. Multiple levels of frustration exist in every area of life.

3) Realize that no one else thinks and acts as we do. Most people encounter frustration because others do not act or think as we expect they should.

4) Talking with those who are close to us allows an avenue to vent and seek counsel in our frustrations.

5) Learn from our frustrations. Good can come from these times if we view them and use them appropriately.

These are five beginning points, but we must start somewhere to address the frustrations of life.

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