Leading Through Rough Waters…

The challenge of leading in rough waters obviously deals with an uncomfortable area. No one likes leading during these times. No one seeks out rough waters to practice their leadership. Amazingly, for some leaders rough waters always seem to find them.

There appears to be no rhyme or reason to this challenge, but the true test of our leadership will occur in these moments because they define who we are as a leader and the credibility of decisions we make for the future.

What will help us navigate through these waters and find smooth sailing on the other side?

Remember who we are at the core. Nothing should change our core values. Hold on to the basis of why we lead.

Trust in wise counsel. We are not navigating alone. Others have sailed rough waters before us. Seek counsel from the wise.

Be slow, diligent, and deliberate with all decisions. The quickest way to experience defeat is to act before good thought and slow execution is implemented.

Rough waters will come, but we can sail through them if we do not panic and possess a steadfast spirit.

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