Leadership Thought Of The Day…

“Curiosity, creativity, discovery and wonder; they aren’t traits of youth, they’re traits of learning. If you want to feel younger and you want to replicate the conditions of youth, do that.” Author Unknown

For centuries, people sought the fountain of youth. In some ways, the search continues, as countless numbers of people strive to eat healthy, exercise, and avoid risks. Others seek out plastic surgeons in an attempt to restore a youthful look.

Needless to say, no literal fountain exists. Imagine the disappointment of searching an entire lifetime, investing one’s savings, and exhausting every possible resource only to learn the secret to youth is not physical.

Today’s thought is interesting because it shares an idea replicating the conditions of youth through pursuing four simple traits associated with learning. Be a lifelong learner. Could it be that simple?

Promoting these traits as leaders can certainly revive a tired, worn-out, complacent, and apathetic atmosphere.

The joy of learning can turn people around to achieve great tasks. If we can find a way to revive this spirit within the church, imagine the impact on a society searching for youth.

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