Characterizing Leadership In The Home…Part 2

While faith demonstrates an inner conviction of the mind, the second component of a father’s leadership is characterized by integrity. David provides a powerful commentary on integrity in Psalm 15.

The passage develops three Hebrew noun/verb participles: “walks with integrity, and works righteousness, and speaks truth in his heart” (v. 2 emphasis added). The function of a noun/verb participle serves as a characteristic and an action. Therefore, integrity, righteousness, and truth describe who one is and what one does.

The Hebrew word, integrity, refers to “what is complete, entirely in accord with truth and fact” (BDB, 1977:1071). Integrity moves toward an application of the ethical uprightness of one wholly devoted to God (TWOT, 1999).

When integrity characterizes a father’s leadership, imagine the impact. When children look to their father and see an example of integrity, their leadership is worth following.

The strength of a father’s relationship with children is based on character that emulates God as our Father. The desire to speak and act with integrity portrays a desire for truth, followed by an ethical uprightness of a heart wholly and completely devoted to God.

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