Leadership Word Of The Week…Focus

How many times have you heard someone refer to losing their focus? It seems to be more common with each day.

Specifically, when athletes fall short of achieving success, it is generally because they lost focus.

Leaders cannot afford to lose focus.

The challenge is determining where we place our focus. The world seems to be driven by the intent of distracting us from the goals we strive to achieve.

Distractions can take the form of financial problems, family issues, complications in health, tragedy, and numerous other areas.

This is not to suggest we ignore any of these areas when they occur. However, when distractions arise, we can learn from them and maintain our focus, or we can lose sight of our priorities.

Focus is a matter of choice.

People need leadership to help them maintain their focus. Spiritual leadership presents the choice of life or death. When our focus is on life we will appeal to others to make the right choice.

Amazingly, when we choose life, our focus enables us to handle the distractions with a gracious heart of gratitude.

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