Initials For Leadership Growth…

Our world seems to thrive on the use of initials. One of the most familiar is PC. Interestingly, these initials represent several ideas from “politically correct” to “personal computer.”

Organizations are often identified by initials: CIA, FBI, UPS, USPS, and many more.

Positions within the administration of all organizations support the use of initials: CEO, CFO, EVP, VP and list goes on.

The texting world also exists on the foundation of initials: ROFL, LOL, Np, Ty and, again, the list is unending.

While we tend to be mesmerized by the use of initials, perhaps the use of a few initial combinations will benefit our development as leaders.

CIA: Consistency In Action. Nothing supports the development of leaders more than consistency in their character.

CEO: Courageously Engineering Opportunities. Waiting for growth to occur is not a good plan. Leaders must skillfully and artfully arrange for growth.

ROFL: Resist Obstacles Facilitating Lethargy. Leaders cannot afford to become lethargic. A sluggish and apathetic mindset will hinder growth.

These are a few ideas to consider, hopefully, with a realization toward a necessity for leadership growth.

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