Leadership Word Of The Week…Engage

Consider the following thought expressed by Andy Stanley concerning the teaching of Jesus: “He either engaged or enraged, but nobody fell asleep.”

Engaging people is vital to the role of leadership. A host of words are associated with the definition of this week’s word: capture, catch, grab, attract, captivate, and so forth. These ideas are significant to the necessity of our role as an engaging leader.

Leaders must hold the attention of those who follow, engaging them in the direction to be taken.

Engaging followers involves three critical components:

1) Speak to people’s needs. Without understanding the needs of others, how can we engage them to follow? People desire to follow someone who knows and addresses their needs.

2) Establish a connection. Relating to others on the same level is engaging. An attempt to speak above or beneath someone prevents engagement. In fact, it hinders engagement.

3) Ask the right questions. Often times, people are disengaged because they were never asked the right questions. Ask questions that engage others.

More could be said, but these three suggestions will make a difference when striving to engage others.

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