Leadership Word Of The Week…Congruence

Leadership congruence makes a powerful difference in the direction of any organization, especially the Lord’s church.

Ideas associated with congruence include compatibility, agreement, balance, and consistency. Examining each of these four words helps establish the significance of leadership congruence.

Compatibility among leaders indicates an ability to work together without conflict. Please do not think this means problems or disagreements are eliminated, rather the ability to avoid the destructive nature of conflict builds congruence.

Agreement is shared by leaders when the foundation upon which decisions are made comes from the standard of God’s infallible word. Pride, opinion, and agenda driven approaches to decision making destroy congruence.

Balance is one of the most important words in leadership. Leaning to the left or the right creates the potential of moving too far away from the center God provides as the balance for leadership congruence.

Consistency is often claimed to be a virtue, and that sentiment is true. Inconsistency promotes a level of hypocrisy that attacks the congruence leadership needs to help others reach the goal(s).

These few ideas provide a beginning point of consideration for strengthening leaders.

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