If – A Word That Makes All The Difference…

In the Greek language, a first class conditional sentence literally translates the if as since. Even though the English often uses if, a first class conditional sentence structure demands greater certainty.

Transferring this idea into areas of leadership carries an interesting thought.

Imagine the structure of our leadership from the standpoint of certainty. No longer would we speak of if concerning the various activities we want to accomplish, but rather the certainty of saying since these conditions exist we know the outcome.

Since we influence a minimum of four people a day, let us study extensive levels of leadership and the opportunity to make a greater difference.

Since we strive to lead others to heaven, let us prepare ourselves with a deeper understanding of God’s word.

Since we also work to keep the saved, saved, let us exercise tolerance in matters of personal opinion and work together to achieve unity.

A number of areas could be considered, but the idea is the same. Let us lead with the certainty needed to make the future of the church stronger. Think Souls.

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