Leadership Word Of The Week…Temperance

Temperance involves a characteristic that avoids excesses, especially areas that detract or distract us from a godly life.

A few translations of the Bible use the word “temperance” in relationship to Christian virtues identified by Peter (2 Pet. 1:6). We also find this week’s word in a list of the fruit of the Spirit (Gal. 5:22-23).

What made the idea of temperance important to the Christian life, both in virtue and character of godly living?

Answers range from one person to the next, but the fact remains that Paul and Peter, writing by inspiration, identify the need for Christians to grow in temperance.

Consider how the definition of temperance factors into leadership. A lack of temperance indicates the potential of participating to excess in areas that destroy the godly influence leaders need.

Growing in temperance indicates a life of balance. Leaders with temperance understand limits, specifically limits established by God to protect us physically and spiritually.

The world is filled with opportunities for excess, and the outcome almost always detracts or distracts us from the goal. Let us start now to focus on growing in temperance.

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