Do We Know God? Part 2

New dimensions of knowing God exist when considering three key words used in the original language of the Bible.

The first word involves a fact-based type of knowledge. The idea highlights knowing facts or information about God, who He is, what He did, etc.

The second word advances a level of understanding. Not only is there factual information, but this information carries an understanding of the meaning and application.

The third word shares the most significant meaning of the three. This word involves knowing by experience, sharing in the same events or activities in order to gain full comprehension.

Paul used this term regarding his relationship with God (Phil. 3:7-10). He wanted to know more than facts about God. He wanted more than an understanding of what those facts meant and how they applied. He wanted to know Christ on the basis of experience.

The privilege of knowing what Jesus went through, “the power of His resurrection, the fellowship of His sufferings, being conformed to His death,” meant more than factual knowledge.

Here is where Paul would know God. Imagine a leadership based on this knowledge.

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