Leadership Word Of The Week…Generosity

Next month is the time of year when we generally think about giving and receiving gifts.

We know it is more blessed to give than to receive, but we also enjoy the feeling of knowing someone else thought about us.

The idea of generosity is characterized by this thought: The greatest Giver (God), with the greatest motive (love), gave the greatest gift (His only Son), for the greatest need (our sin).

Leaders should exemplify generosity. We understand the value of generosity because of the example of our God.

Leadership is built on giving…

…our time
…our energy
…our money
…our emotions
…our ability

When leadership demonstrates generosity, others learn the value of the gift. However, our generosity must be checked.

Intention: What is the motive behind our gift?
Object: What is the object of our generosity? Work? Family? Church? Lord?
Planned dedication: Is there a planned purpose?
Action: Are we ready to start giving?
Self-examination: What are we losing by holding on to it?

What suits our giving? Do we give what is left over, easy, and convenient, or is our generosity suited by the best?

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