Leadership Word Of The Week…Passion

A number of books on the market focus on leadership. We will spare you the details at this point. Suffice it to say that among these books a key word is often used to catch the eye and that word is “passion.”

When we think about people being passionate we associate the thought of excitement, enthusiasm and a number of other characteristics.

However, research shows the word passion originates from a Latin word meaning “suffer.”

Most will remember the movie The Passion Of The Christ. The title of this movie was derived from the idea of the Latin word. Certainly, the movie was filled with the suffering of Jesus.

One of the books that aligns with this thought process is The Leadership Legacy. The authors quickly point out the need for leaders to understand they must serve and suffer.

The significance of suffering is about the willingness of leaders to put the needs of others above themselves. It is a Biblical truth and the quality of great leadership will only be seen when leaders abandon a self-seeking worldly approach.

Be passionate, but understand what passion really means.

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