The Prayer Of A Leader…Part 2

Would we be surprised to learn that the majority of people who claim Christianity do not understand prayer? Too often, prayer is used like a spare tire; we pull it out of the trunk when something goes wrong and we need a little help until everything is patched up.

Prayer is also used as a “hail Mary pass.” The idea represents a last ditch effort when everything else we try fails.

Biblically, however, prayer is a key part of a relationship with God. We pray not because tragedy strikes, although we can pray in those times. Prayer is not a last ditch effort to see if God will do something since we could not do it on our own.

Prayer is a beautiful expression of a heart that beats in rhythm with God. Leaders understand the need to walk in relationship with God. Thus, leaders find themselves in constant communication with the One who wants to lead us all.

Consider men from the Bible like Enoch (Gen. 5), Noah (Gen. 6), Abraham (Gen. 12), the prophets, and apostles, who all led as examples of a life in harmony with God.

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