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“Each time we face our fears, we gain the strength, courage and confidence we need to move forward. It’s far easier to change things, than to change people. The real survivors in life are the ones who have the mental fortitude to press on even when the body wants to quit. Even if you don’t finish ‘first,’ you still need to continue on until you cross that finish line.” P.M. Chief DeMarks

The thought for today is a powerful sentiment indicating the need for endurance. One of the missing components to this thought involves the nature in which one finishes.

Yes, we would all agree it is not about finishing first, but it is about finishing well. Years ago the phrase was coined, “Finish like a runner.” No matter how slow the pace during the race, when it comes to finishing, finish like a runner, finish strong.

In leadership circles, the idea of finishing well is used to indicate the need to avoid the point of abandoning the faith and the purpose for which we lead.

Let us finish, but let us finish well.

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  1. Paul says:

    It a blessing to me to continue and obtain the crown

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