Principles Of Leadership…Part 6

Know your people and look out for their well-being.

Two ideas are presented in this principle of leadership, and the application of this principle holds true in both the secular and spiritual realms of leadership.

Is it possible to spiritually lead others without knowing them? Leaders must know the dreams, aspirations, hopes, and personal goals to provide leadership.

The second part of this principle involves looking out for their well-being. Years ago, a manager from Arkansas used to say; “if you take care of those under you, they will take care of you.”

The reason these two parts are connected is because a leader cannot look out for the well-being of people without knowing them.

Nothing is more important than knowing the needs of others and leading in ways to provide for those needs.

The four basic needs of all people include the physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual. Our culture generally uses this order. However, spiritual leaders understand the necessity of reversing the order.

We must be given to the task of focusing on the spiritual needs of others. Think Souls!

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