The Prayer Of A Leader…Part 5

Of all the prayers expressed throughout scripture, the prayer of Jesus stands at the pinnacle of what leaders need to emulate. As Jesus faced false accusations, a mock trial, the most brutal of torture, and death on the cross, He goes to the Father in prayer. Notice what is identified in John 17.

He anticipated returning to the Father after completing the task He was sent to earth to accomplish, glorifying the One who sent Him.

He asked for protection for those given to Him, entrusted with the task of continuing the work of sharing the word given to them.

He added a request for unity among all who would believe in Him through the word spoken by these men that they might be perfected.

He addressed the problem of the world’s lack of knowing the Creator and the One sent by Him while expressing their only hope.

Imagine the difference leaders could make in the world today if they spent time focused on praying for these four areas.

As we conclude this series, may all of us focus on praying as a leader.

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