Leadership Word Of The Week…Global

A question came to mind when thinking of this word; why and how does global have a place in leadership?

A question of this nature has numerous answers to be considered. The answer that first came to mind connected directly to the span of leadership influence.

Do we really consider the far reaching nature of our influence as leaders from a global perspective?

The influence of one person can move a nation, lead an army, direct a revolution, carve out a place in history, or change the life of one person who will.

We too often underestimate what can be done with the influence we have on the circle of people we meet on a daily basis.

Instead of thinking how we can do something revolutionary for the world, why not think of changing the life of one person. Who knows how God may be working through the person we influence to make a global difference.

Let us commit ourselves to changing the life of one person. Open the door of opportunity for one person. It will make a difference…globally.

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