An Approach To The Last Week Of The Year…

The last few days of the year bring a focus on renewal. Considering the idea of resolutions for 2016, a couple of thoughts come to mind.

Resolve to improve physical health. We know we need to take care of our physical health. Instead of a new diet, resolve to be moderate. Learn to not eat beyond comfort. Also, add exercise. This is not a push to be in the gym five times a week, but taking small steps to do more. Why not park further away from the store and walk? A brisk walk of twenty to thirty minutes a day will bring surprising results.

Resolve to improve spiritual health. Nothing takes more precedence. This is not about reading and praying more. Obviously, we all need more time reading the Bible and praying more. However, spiritual health involves application of what is written. Instead of speaking in anger, think of the song “Angry Words.” Perhaps the new year will bring a few posts on other practical suggestions for an application of spiritual health.

May this last week help each of us with a new approach.

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