Leadership Word Of The Week…Beginning

The beginning of a new year is only a few days away, and a new year brings opportunity for new beginnings.

Many people need a day like the first day of a new year to work on changes in their life. Some start working on new and better habits in life and others find ways to stop bad ones.

Regardless of the need for a first day of a new year, week, day, or moment, recognizing the need to improve our lives is a positive step in the right direction.

Leaders should always think about how we can use these opportunities to lead in the cause of Christ. Is today a new beginning to lead…

A soul to the light of our Savior?
A straying brother or sister to the family of God?
A deeper study into the truths of God’s word?
A more passionate approach to speak with God in prayer?

Whatever the need may be for each of us, every day is a new beginning. Let us reach forward to achieve spiritual leadership for our Lord in this day and throughout new year.

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