Spiritual Health Development…Part 1

Perhaps the most difficult area to measure in Christianity is spiritual growth. The most common approach for spiritual growth is an increase in our Bible knowledge. This is why the push from the pulpit invites us to spend more time studying our Bibles.

Without a doubt, we need to grow in our knowledge of God’s word. However, knowledge of God’s word does not equate to spiritual growth, and we all know this is true.

Measuring spiritual growth, i.e. determining our spiritual health, occurs on the battle field of application. How many times have we heard or said that someone “knows better?” Their knowledge may be fine, but the problem is implementing that knowledge into action.

Far too often, the problem we face is not knowing how to do what scripture teaches. We need to find ways to bridge the gap from the first century writing of God’s word into the twenty-first century life. The task is easier said than done.

Over the next few weeks we will examine a few ways to make application of specific teaching in order to improve our spiritual health development.

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