Principles Of Leadership…Part 9

It’s not about changing them, it’s about changing us.

Give this principle thought. The general mindset of leadership is about changing others. After all, spiritually speaking, we are leading, right? The purpose of our leadership is changing others, right? Are we not supposed to change others?

However, before we can change others we must first change ourselves. It is far too easy to ask others to do what we are either unwilling to do or have not done yet.

The power of change begins with us. When we make changes in our own lives first, then we are setting an example for others to see why they should change also.

When leadership provides the example of change, then consistency is the model. Perhaps this is why God requires repentance of all.

A change of mind motivates the change of will, which in turn changes the direction of our action.

As leaders in our homes, communities, schools, jobs, and the church, let us first work on changing ourselves and then seek opportunity to help others change.

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