What Is Our Mission?

A mission refers to the objective or purpose to be achieved. Understanding this definition should cause us to ask, “What is our mission?

What is our objective or purpose? What are we really trying to achieve? Do we have a mission?

Sadly, as spiritual leaders, our mission often gets skewed because the mission becomes more about us than God.

It often becomes more about what we want to achieve, rather than what God wants us to achieve.

As mentioned before, there is a growing trend of extremism. The problem of extremism occurs when dealing with “party” issues, “petty” ideas, or “personal” opinions become the focus in our life. Far too often, we gradually lose sight of God’s mission.

This is why leadership must remain balanced.

Leadership must know and believe in the priority of God’s mission.

As leaders we must be honest enough to examine ourselves more closely and ask hard questions about whose mission we are fulfilling.

Let us arise and lead God’s people in unity, and let us work together to fulfill God’s mission.

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