Leadership Word Of The Week…Community

Community comes from the idea of commune, which involves sharing something in common. Location, interests, pursuits, and many more make up a few areas that fall into the category of commonalities.

From this basis, we connect to the concept of people in a community. Biblically, we find this sense of community in the example of the early church. Acts 2 and 4 record the beauty of community that shared all things: spiritually, physically, and psychologically.

The challenges we face today stem from the contrast of individualism and community. With a culture bent on pushing individualism, the influence can devastate the church. Perhaps this is the underlying cause of many who leave one congregation for another; their individual needs are not met.

Promoting and implementing the concept of community will not be an easy road to walk. Overcoming the individualistic mindset that is so pervasive will be difficult.

Community is more than meeting for worship three times a week, but the intermingling of lives on a daily basis, as demonstrated in Acts 2:46.

Our prayer should be to develop a greater sense of belonging to God’s community than the community of the world.

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