Leadership Word Of The Week…Control

Control is the power to influence and direct people’s behavior or the course of events. We think of control in a number of areas.

We claim that someone needs to take control. We talk about people being controlling. We preach about self-control. We even discuss the need to be in control.

What does all this mean and why is it important for spiritual leadership?

Quite simply, leaders exercise the power of influence to direct people’s behavior or course of events.

When situations get out of hand, leaders must take control.

We understand that spiritual leadership must not be controlling.

Leaders should be the epitome of self-control.

Above all, leaders should be those we can look to when someone needs to be in control.

When leaders know how to use their power of influence in a Biblical and godly way, people’s behavior and the course of events can be shaped in ways to change eternity.

We should all understand the value of control at the right time and in the right place. Think Souls!

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