Leadership Word Of The Week…Recovery

Most people have experienced or know someone who has experienced surgery. Interestingly enough, the older we get the more difficult recovery from surgery becomes.

The surgery is not the problem. Two, three, or four weeks of recovery, however, is another matter.

Think about the nature of recovery.

Time is involved. The capabilities of the body recovering is amazing, but healing requires time. Leadership development and recovering from mistakes involves time. If we give the necessary time for recovery, in the long run we become stronger.

Repair prevents permanent damage. The nature of surgery and recovery is to prevent problems of an irreparable nature. When we understand the steps needed to prevent permanent damage, our leadership can avoid major breakdowns in the future.

Successful recovery requires following the physician’s instructions. We often overlook this point. The expert advice of a physician is critical to recovery. The same is true as spiritual leaders trying to heal. Follow the great physician’s instructions.

More could be discussed, but for now, keep in mind the purpose and necessity of recovery. It can make all the difference.

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