Great Bible Leaders…David

David’s leadership exemplifies a number of great qualities. We should appreciate how God recorded the good in David and his character flaws. David will forever be remembered for his indiscretion with Bathsheba, adultery coupled with murder.

We do not want to make light of, nor ignore what is recorded about David. We should also remember he was a man after God’s own heart.

We could spend weeks with various articles, but we simply want to examine one area of David’s leadership: his respect for God’s will.

Even though David could have taken Saul’s life, and perhaps rightfully so, he respected God’s appointment of Saul as king of Israel.

Even though David was paying for the consequences of his sin, he understood and respected God’s answer in loss of his son.

Even though David was prepared to build a temple to honor God, he respected God’s decision that the temple be built by Solomon.

David was a man of great faith and one of the Bible’s great leaders. One of the reasons his leadership was great is because he respected God’s will.

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