Seven Most Important Words In Leadership…

While examining a few leadership websites, an interesting statement was found, “The Seven Most Important Words In Leadership.”

The idea is part of Terry Starbucker’s e-book Leadership From A Glass Half-Full: The 5 Lessons You Need To Learn Before You Jump Into The Pool.

The phrase is simply this, “I don’t know and I’ll find out.”

The sad reality is we do not like the appearance of not knowing the answer. After all, we are the leader, right? Leaders are supposed to know all the answers.

Worse still is the attempt of too many of us who try to bluff our way through areas we know nothing anything about. Somehow we convince ourselves we can smooth talk our way through the discussion. Wrong!

The transparency of acknowledging when we do not know something and the willingness to find the answer is critical to great leadership.

First, others already know we do not have all the information, plus they know when we are bluffing. Second, greater credibility and trust is established when we are honest with others.

Learn these seven words and live by them.

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