Leadership Word Of The Week…Transitions

In the arena of communication, when writing a speech, sermon, article, or other medium, one of the critical components is the transition.

Transitions are sentences (written or spoken) that build a bridge between the various sections of our communication. These bridges make it easier for people to follow what we try to express.

There is more we could discuss regarding transitions, but our purpose is to think about the connection with spiritual leadership.

Our role as leaders is about transitions. We build bridges in three areas.

One, we build bridges in relationships. Unless we are able to establish and maintain quality relationships, our transition into spiritual matters will not exist.

Two, we build bridges for future leaders. As long as we exist on this earth, there will be a need for leadership. We must make this transition smooth.

Three, we build bridges to eternity. Ultimately, the task before us is to help make the transition from the physical realm to the spiritual.

Are we building bridges with the right purpose and in the right direction?

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