Leadership Word Of The Week…Summarize

The idea behind this week’s word involves giving a brief statement of the main points. To summarize is to use fewer words to encompass the whole of the previous message.

How on earth does this relate to leadership, especially from a spiritual perspective?

If we were to summarize our leadership in a few words, what would we say? We need to take a few minutes and give some thought to the whole of our leadership. Could we express it in a word or two, or a sentence or two? Could we summarize our leadership at all?

Would our leadership be summarized by what is referred to as “others-centered” or “self-centered?”

Would our leadership be summarized by a spiritual or physical focus?

Would our leadership be summarized by our past, present, or future?

In reality, the fewer words we use the more challenging it can be to summarize our leadership, especially if we try to be accurate.

It would certainly be worth our time to give thought to summarizing our leadership and doing so in a way that accurately describes our intent. Think Souls!

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