Blueprint Of A Leader…The Foundation

A blueprint provides the specific dimensions for constructing everything from a tool shed to a mega complex or high rise.

The purpose of a blueprint is to provide every detail to make certain the structure lasts.

What kind of blueprint would we use as leaders to ensure our leadership is long lasting? The answer is simply the Bible. From this incredible book we find several areas we will consider over the next few weeks to construct biblical leadership.

All blueprints begin with the foundation. Only when we build on the right foundation will our leadership carry a lasting influence.

Paul clearly points out that no human has the power to lay the kind of foundation needed for lasting leadership. Only in Jesus do we find a foundation upon which we can build the kind of leadership that will endure (1 Corinthians 3:11).

From His example we learn the nature, qualities, and character of the leadership God desires and designed for us today.

This example is one we must follow and we will look at over the weeks ahead.

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