Great Bible Leaders…Epaphras

Epaphras is not a name that stands out when reading Scripture. Who is this man and why would he be a great Bible leader?

Epaphras is only found three times in the New Testament and two of the three are located in Colossians. The third location is in Philemon.

However, when we examine these three references, we find the answer.

Epaphras was a beloved, fellow bondservant of Christ, indicating he was loved, faithful, and a devoted follower of Christ.

He is noted as a fellow prisoner in Christ, indicating he suffered persecution for the sake of Christ.

The text in Colossians 4 identifies Epaphras as one who labored earnestly (wrestled) in prayer on behalf of these Christians.

These three statements clearly indicate why he is a great Bible leader. There is also a great lesson here for leaders today.

We do not need to be well known in the brotherhood to be a great leader. We need to be faithfully devoted to Jesus, willing to suffer for our Savior, and one who is diligent in prayer on behalf of others.

It sure sounds like a great leader.

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