There is something about being around children that draws out this question. How many times this question has been asked by a five year old is probably innumerable. But suffice it to say many!

It is the most difficult question to answer. Yet, children are always asking. They want to know the reasons behind what we are saying and doing.

Of all the questions one could ask, this three lettered word makes a complete question in an of itself.

This question is also one that should be prevalent when thinking about our leadership.

Why are leaders needed?
Why do we need to make this decision?
Why are we making this decision at this time?
Why should we lead?

We could resolve many issues within our leadership if we could determine the answers to the question…why?

Take a moment to look through the gospel accounts and consider the questions asked by Jesus that begin with why.

Why are you worried?
Why are you afraid?
Why are you testing Me?
Why do you call Me, ‘Lord, Lord,” and do not do what I say?

Think about it!

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