Blueprint Of A Leader…Evaluation

One of the keys to success in construction is not only the ability to read a blueprint, but continually evaluating the blueprint to make sure there are no deviations from the plan.

Consider the problems that arise when someone looks at a blueprint one time and never goes back to see if the plans are being followed correctly.

Spiritually, if we are not continually returning to the blueprint of God’s word to ensure we are following the plans…well, the result is what we have witnessed in our world today. Variations made from salvation to worship have created division and weakened our efforts to reach out to a world deep in postmodern and emerging theories.

The problem can be summed up in the lack of leadership that returns to the blueprint to evaluate the plan given by God.

Only when we return to evaluating the plan and implementing the mission of God, will we be able to resolve the issues of division and renew our efforts of outreach. The task falls to us as leaders to learn the value of evaluation.

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