Blueprint Of A Leader…Team

As we complete this series, a key area when following a blueprint is the need for a good team working together to reach the desired end.

A leader is one who leads a team in one form or another.

The benefits to leading and working together as a team cannot be listed in one post, but here are a few to consider.

1) The amount of work achieved is done more quickly when working together as a team.

2) Each person on the team can focus on using their abilities for the good of the team.

3) Everyone can use their abilities more efficiently in a team.

4) Ideas are more abundant when several work together.

5) Opportunities for encouragement are greater when working as a team.

In construction, the people who specialize in foundations, plumbing, framing, sheet rock, painting, trimming, and interior design are all needed to make the project just right.

We find the same within the church. It takes those who specialize in cooking, cleaning, teaching, preaching, singing, praying, serving, shepherding, and the list goes on.

When everyone is involved, working together, the result is growth!

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