Leadership Word Of The Week…Walk

This word brings several thoughts to mind, the most common of which involves putting one foot in front of the other.

Take a moment in a crowded place and watch people walk. Some walk slower / faster than others and most carry something.

Where are they walking? What do they think about as they walk through this moment in time?

The Bible also uses this word, but with a different meaning. Paul uses it in reference to a way of life, or conduct of life.

Paul instructs Christians to conduct their lives with certain qualities or attributes. He is not talking about a one time action, but rather a lifestyle, a way of living.

This word characterizes the whole of our leadership. Leadership is not about a one time event or activity. It must be a way of life demonstrated in the conduct of our life, lived before others in a way that influences the direction of others, eternally.

When someone tells us to go for a walk, perhaps we need to consider changing our conduct of life to lead as God wants us to lead.

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