Great Bible Leaders…Levi

Levi, better known as Matthew, is an unlikely candidate for leadership. He was a tax collector and hated by the Jews. They were betrayers not leaders. They were not seen as an example to follow.

What makes Matthew a great Bible leader? He was an apostle called by Jesus, but what made him different? Consider two reasons.

Committed: The text is explicit about how Matthew, when he was called by Jesus, immediately left everything behind to follow. He walked away from security and also a wealthy job. He left any opportunity of providing for the future of family. If that doesn’t take commitment, what does?

Compassionate: Matthew hosted a great feast for Jesus. He did not invite the “well-to-do.” He invited what the Pharisees called “tax collectors and sinners.” Matthew wanted all his friends to hear about Jesus.

There is not a great deal known about Matthew, but these two areas alone cause him to stand out as a great Bible leader. Our prayer should be that we all realize the need to be committed and compassionate in leading others. Think Souls!

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