Leadership Thought Of The Day…

“What we see depends mainly on what we look for.” John Lubbock

While this appears to be a simple thought, there is great depth to the application. Jesus reminds us of the value found in the priority of seeking the kingdom of God, and when we seek we will find.

Again, it depends on what we are seeking.

Are we seeking to find the best in others…or the worst?

Do we seek the truth…or are we satisfied with preconceived ideas?

Are we content with seeking to get by…or do we seek ways to excel?

Do our passions seek to be authoritative….or do we trust in good intentions?

Will we seek to provide compassionate and understanding leadership…or will we seek our own way?

The list goes on, but we all get the point.

Remember, people reflect the attitude and character we demonstrate. Be cautious, because they will also find what they are looking for in us as leaders.

Their attitude truly reflects leadership. What we look for in others is exactly what they will look for in us. Are we leading with this in mind?

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