The Greatest Opportunity…

Opportunities are circumstances providing possibility, either to be gained or lost.

It is a matter of faith. If we cannot see the possibilities, we will never take advantage of the opportunities.

We cannot fall into the trap of thinking we can sit back and wait for opportunities. If we do, chances are we will accomplish little, if anything.

Leaders have the greatest opportunity to influence the lives of others by example and instructional guidance by leading them to heaven. This is obviously a twofold application, as it includes leading the lost to Jesus and helping grow the faith of those who belong to Him.

How will this opportunity be fulfilled to its greatest potential?

1) We must open our eyes to the needs, physical and spiritual, of all people. This specifically involves those who are not like us.

2) We must also be ready to get involved, meaning there is a need to get our hands dirty.

3) We must rely completely on the power of God to open the doors and use us to His glory.

Seize the opportunities by seeing the incredible possibilities God provides.

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