Instant Replay…

No matter what sporting event on television, there is 100% certainty that at some point there will be an instant replay.

Action is slowed down to carefully examine every angle of a tackle or pass, the pitch or batter’s swing, three point shot or a gliding slam dunk, and the same is true with all other sports.

Several interesting questions are raised when considering instant replay in leadership.

Has there been a time when we said or did something we wish we could rewind and do over?

How would it affect our leadership if we reviewed our words and actions through instant replay?

What would the future look like if we were able to slow down and carefully examine events of the past?

We know it is impossible to rewind time and change the words or actions of the past. What can be done to help implement the appropriate changes?

1) Learn from mistakes of the past.

2) Recognize the warning signs.

3) Think before speaking and acting, especially if anger is present.

More could be said, but this is a starting point for leaders considering an instant replay.

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