Born or Made?

Whether leaders are born or made continues to occupy discussions on several levels. On one hand, some circles claim leaders are born with natural abilities, a giftedness of talent from God. Romans 12:8 seems to support this idea.

On the other hand, several claim that leaders are made. A number of authors indicate that leadership can be learned. The thought is based on the development of certain leadership skills over time.

The debate will continue and thoughts on both sides use solid evidence to support their claim. Perhaps the best approach arises from the concept of combining both born and made. Granted, the only way a leader comes into the world is through birth. However, children possess different abilities, all of which benefit various areas. At the same time, the development of certain abilities allows the individual to gain strength in leadership.

Regardless of which thought we might support, we all influence others and lead them at some level. It would serve us well to take the time needed to develop our abilities, great or small, in ways that provide the best leadership possible.

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