Leading Within The Extremes…

An ever present danger exists in our world today: extremism. Balance is a commodity difficult to find in any arena.

Our country is polarized politically between liberalism and conservatism. Party politics divides people second only to religion.

Within religious circles we find the same extremism. Sadly, within the churches of Christ we find the same influence of extremism from ultra-conservative to liberal. Division exists in areas of what we are willing to do versus what we are unwilling to do.

The challenge of leading within these extremes weighs on the mind of every individual who finds themselves in leadership. There are no easy or exhaustive answers.

How can leaders actively approach the task before them when these extremes exist?

The primary resolution involves the standard God gave. Extremes creep in when we get away from the guidelines provided in God’s word. When opinions, agendas, emotions, and preconceived ideas rule the direction of decisions, extremes result.

To avoid these challenges, let us lead with the divine standard that was intended to provide balance.

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