Complex versus Simple…

Both contain an element of subjectivity depending on the individual. On one hand, an older generation recalls the simplicity of life without technology, dirt roads, no cell-phones, and growing what was eaten.

When we add technology, a black-top/concrete way of life, cell-phones, and eliminate the garden, life can become a bit more complex.

On the other hand, a younger generation recognizes these advances as a means to simplify life and increase health and wealth.

Imagine the challenges of leading God’s people with both mindsets. One side sees these advances as changes that move us away from biblical teaching and tradition while the other side sees opportunity to advance the cause of Christ to more people.

Regardless of where we stand, we all desire a simpler life. The less complicated our lives the better. We should remember that both mindsets exist in the world and the church. We do well to consider the feelings of both and work to lead to a mutual understanding that motivates every part of the body in the cause of our Lord.

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