A little travel in another country increases the awareness of flexibility. Cultures vary from one country to the next. At the same time, each culture establishes their own practices and finds a rhythm that flows through the people who participate in the daily activities of life.

Most of us face the challenge of flexibility when we experience cultures other than our own. This is true for everyone no matter where they live.

If we dig deeply enough we begin to recognize that culture is not just the difference from one country to the next. Culture plays a factor between various organizations, one part of the country to another, and even from one generation to the next.

While leadership is complicated enough, add the cultural factors among the various backgrounds and relationships of people who make up the church, and complexity reaches a new level.

Therefore, leaders need to demonstrate a level of flexibility. We do not mean a compromise of truth, but a focus on the needs of those who follow. Flexibility becomes critical to the twists and turns that factor into leading a multi-cultural people.

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