At The Core…

The culture we live in has a great ability to act one way, yet at the core be something completely different.

We often refer to this as hypocrisy. While this is true, we also need to understand that our culture has worked on this long enough it is now accepted and normal.

A number of tragedies over the years have occurred where individuals walked into a movie theater, high school, restaurant, or mall and began a killing rampage. One of the most common thoughts expressed by those who knew the individual is how they never expected this kind of activity.

On the surface they seemed “normal.” However, at the core they were someone quite different.

There is also a connection to spiritual leadership. How many times throughout the past century has the core of a religious leader been exposed in sinful activity?

Our leadership needs to be characterized by a core that walks with integrity, works righteousness, and speaks truth in the heart.

Here is where we begin to develop the opportunity for our greatest influence.

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