What Would We Do?

A recent thought was suggested to a group of men with powerful implications.

If the Lord were to require of you and me that we could not go to heaven until we converted 1,000 souls to Christ, what would we do?

We should state at this point, even though it should be obvious, this is not a matter of simply dunking people in water and claiming (since they have been baptized) they are converted.

With that out of the way, what would you and I really do?

We know this is not the Lord’s requirement, but if it were, would we not stop everything we currently do and start diligently trying to share the gospel with others?

Why do we allow ourselves to think we have plenty of time, when the Lord could come now, or those we want to reach might die?

What will it take for me to realize the urgency of eternity? When will I recognize the reality of hell?

Life is too short to focus on the here and now. Lead people to see the hereafter! Eternity Matters!

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