Before we can experience success, we must understand what we mean be success.

The definition of success on a personal and corporate level takes on different dimensions accordingly. We also find that the definition of success often changes with the stage and development of one’s life. Based on the generic dictionary definition, success is “an event that accomplishes its intended purpose, an attainment that is successful.”

A problem tends to enter the picture when we consider success strictly from a position of fame or prosperity.

Most of us know this intellectually, but still find it difficult to determine how we define success otherwise.

One thought, however, should be considered in the realm of leadership. If we do not know how to define success, creating a vision for the future will be met with great challenge.

When we do not know the destination, how will we ever know if we reach it? Beyond this, why would anyone be passionate about pursuing the vision?

Unless we first define what we mean by success, any thought to our vision crumbles with a sense of mediocrity.

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