The Choice of Courage…

More can be written on courage than we have space for in this post, but we should consider that courage is more than an attribute. Courage is a choice made in the moment it is needed.

We could talk about areas that create fear and the affects of that fear. We could also examine a number of ways to overcome fear. Some favorites: acknowledge what we are afraid of, and face our fears.

We know the need exists to demonstrate healthy fear when danger can inflict harm to ourselves and others.

What really enables us to overcome the battles and storms of life that seem to intimidate and discourage us? What empowers us to overcome the insecurities, doubt, and distractions that prevent the choice of courage?

We must fight the battles and endure the storms that come our way in life. Through it all, one powerful thought is needed for leaders. God is with us and He is for us. Read Romans 8:31-39.

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