Prepare To Lead…

Preparation is essential in every area of life. The lack of preparation most often results in consequences that damage our influence and leadership.

Sadly, there are those who prepare to lead for the purpose of gaining an advantage over others, or to simply achieve their own agenda. These efforts may create situations where a leader gains a position of power or strengthens their popularity.

But, beware of the long term consequences. God never intended our leadership to be self-serving. Rather, He designed leadership to be self-sacrificing, one of self-denial where others are more important than self.

Paul’s letter to the church at Philippi is a quick read, but one filled with depth about the type of influence leaders were intended to have through an “others-centric” style of leading.

The right mind (humility), the right example (Christ), the right design (interest of others), and the right motive (abounding love and grace).

With this combination, leaders prepare themselves to lead with significance. The result makes an eternal difference.

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