How often do we know what we should be doing and where our attention should be given, but then we get distracted? I intended to post this blog earlier, but as you may have guessed…I got distracted.

Distractions are not always major events that cause us to lose sight of what is most important. Sometimes, the smallest of situations occur and a moment later we are consumed to the point we ignore all else, even when we know we need to remain focused.

As leaders, we must constantly evaluate the direction of our leadership: character, priorities, influence, responsibilities, etc. Evaluation is a daily occurrence, a time to reflect on our actions and – if necessary – redirect our attention back to the foundational values of our life and leadership.

Take a few moments each day, and maybe several times during the day, to reflect. Are we distracted in an area that has moved our sights from our core values or the goal(s) we established?

Make the necessary adjustments and get back on track. Distractions will come in various shapes and sizes, but strive to prevent them from setting up house to stay longer than warranted.

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